How Fashionable is Your iPad? Oscar de la Renta Unveils New iPad Accessory

We’ve been keeping you up to date with the all the new technologies emerging left and right- along with the fashionable accessories designed to complement them!

The newest must-have gadget, the iPad, now has sleek, trendy and stylish accessories from major designers. If you don’t want to scratch your diamond studded iPad, Louis Vuitton has a case coming in 2011, Gucci’s taking pre-orders for their version now, and Hermes is putting together “special order” versions with matching headphone holders. {Fresh Mess} Oscar de la Renta, however, beat them all to the punch when he sold iPad covers on his website. Much to many of the viewers’ surprise, the cases, originally called iPad clutches, actually made an appearance on his recent resort runway fashion show. {Purse Blog}

Continuing to tap the fashion-technology market, a new collection of iPad cases in various colors and embossed patterns are now available at For a sign of their popularity, the cases – pardon us, clutches, have their own link at the top of the site, right next to Ready to Wear, Accessories and Fragrances.

For us, the flap and nameplate cheapen the design and make it a bit too generic. The snakeskin is at a reasonable price though ($390 compared to $360 for Louis Vuitton’s single purpose canvas version), and we do like that the people over at Oscar de la Renta are thinking multi-purpose. How often is it that your laptop bag doubles as a large purse, or briefcase? While the iPad is designed to reduce some of the bulk of a laptop, space for a few extras is a welcome difference between the de la Renta clutch and other designer covers.

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