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Nevermind the Civil Unrest, What Is Gaddafi’s Wife Wearing?

Nevermind the Civil Unrest, What Is Gaddafi's Wife Wearing?

By now you may have heard about a little popular uprising in Egypt that forced Hosni Mubarak to resign from his decades long post as president. That was sparked by a successful uprising in Tunisia, where protesters frustrated with social and economic conditions that hadn’t changed under their decades old leader, forced him to flee the country. Those two things have kicked off protests and uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East, most recently in Libya. There, protesters have reportedly met with violence when trying to protest against the 42-year-old rule of Muammar al-Gaddafi.

There have been concerns about stability in the region, how it will affect oil prices, and oh, yeah, all of the Libyan people being killed by mercenaries. Forget all that though, let’s ask the important questions: what does Gaddafi’s wife wear? How does she travel around Tripoli? How chic is life in the Gaddafi family home?

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PR Fail: Kenneth Cole’s Careless Cairo Tweet / Egypt Hashtag Hijack

PR Fail: Kenneth Cole's Careless Cairo Tweet / Egypt Hashtag Hijack

Sometimes there’s nothing like a lighthearted joke to escape the seriousness of an unfortunate situation. And sometimes there’s nothing like knowing when it is or isn’t appropriate to attempt one of those jokes – especially in connection with selling stuff.

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In Egypt, Dial Up Isn’t Dead, Even Though Other Internet Options Are

In Egypt, Dial Up Isn't Dead, Even Though Other Internet Options Are

Looks like those people who refuse to cancel AOL’s dial up service may be on to something.

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