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Vogue’s September Issue Will Bring In More Than $92 Million

Vogue's September Issue Will Bring In More Than $92 Million

Just in case any influencers out there needed a reminder that Vogue can cover the cost of a consumer panel, going by the number of ad pages sold and current ad rates, Vogue’s September issue alone will account for more than $92 million in revenue. It will have an impressive 584 ad pages – not anywhere near the September 2007 record of 727 ad pages, but more than any other women’s fashion magazine this year.

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Fashion Magazines or Fashion Bloggers: Who’s More Influential Online?

Fashion Magazines or Fashion Bloggers: Who's More Influential Online?


Granted it’s the power blogs that consistently take the top spots in our ranking of influential fashion blogs; but using the exact same ranking criteria, bloggers are edging out magazines who (often) have larger staffs and larger budgets when it comes to influencing readers online.

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Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss: A Look at This Year’s September Cover Girls

Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Kate Moss: A Look at This Year's September Cover Girls

September magazine covers were revealed this week. Three noteworthy ones: Rolling Stone, British Vogue and Glamour.

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The Future Of Fashion Is…?

The Future Of Fashion Is...?

At last night’s “Future of Women’s Fashion” panel in New York City, editors Cindi Leive and Robin Givhan (fashion editors at Glamour and the Washington Post, respectively) and design voices Isaac Mizrahi and Ashley Olsen met in front of a varied audience to discuss several questions about the fashion industry: namely, why do so many […]

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Imran Amed's Signature9

Imran Amed's Signature9
The Business of Fashion editor introduces us to his signature style items

Diane Pernet's Signature9

Diane Pernet's Signature9
Fashion blogger and film festival creator, Diane Pernet, shares nine of her favorite things

Video interview with Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld

90 Seconds with Carine Roitfeld
In a Signature9 exclusive, we catch up with the Vogue Paris editor-in-chief

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