Direct From Jack Donaghy’s Office: The William and Kate Commemorative Refrigerator

Ripped from the writer’s room at 30 Rock, a GE appliance distributor in the UK has introduced a 5’9″ tall commemorative refrigerator/freezer.


“As expected, the royal wedding has really captured the U.K.’s imagination and it was no surprise that a William and Kate commemorative fridge was a popular choice,” said David Garden, Commercial Director for GE at GDHA. “It certainly wipes the floor with your usual commemorative tea towels and mugs and is most definitely one of the most novel royal wedding products we have seen.” {Today Show via Jezebel}

Garden hopes that “die-hard fans” or the father of the groom will decide it’s a good wedding gift. We like the idea of charitable donations as royal wedding gifts a lot more, but we do have a few questions.

1. What’s Tina Fey’s involvement with this? We refuse to believe the jokes on 30 Rock write themselves, but this refrigerator is making us rethink that.

2. Do you really want a picture of anyone staring back at you when you go for a midnight snack? Much less, royals. How can you feel comfortable drinking orange juice straight from the carton with a prince and princess staring back at you? It could only be more awkward if it were a picture of your mom.

3. We’re almost sure there will be commemorative magnets, but would that be too much royal memorabilia for one refrigerator or a necessary accessory.

4. Before this, the strangest memorabilia we knew about was a royal wedding condom. We never would have put this on the list of possibilities, but now that it is, what completely random royal wedding commemorative item will strip the refrigerator of it’s leading position in the “why?” category?

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