Everything iPad 2: Hands On, Reviewed, Analyzed, Where to Buy

Yesterday was the big day when that mysterious “2” invitation was confirmed to be for an event launching the iPad 2. Okay, so it wasn’t that mysterious, but there was one surprise. Notably, it was that Steve Jobs delivered the presentation. Though the stock price of Apple spiked on Jobs’ appearance, many financial analysts are saying it actually created more confusion that relief. For many people, Steve Jobs is Apple. This is of course not true: Apple has thousands of employees, Jobs is a very important one, but by no means the only one. Still, the thought of Apple without Jobs, who has been dealing with an undisclosed medical condition believed to be cancer, is feared by investors who’ve been demanding a succession plan.

While the iPad 2 is thinner, faster and presumably shinier than the original iPad, there weren’t too many seriously groundbreaking features, so Jobs’ appearance may have been a way to make up for that. Some believe an iPad 3 will be here before year’s end (Apple calls 2011 the “year of the iPad 2” so take that as their rebuttal), so it may also be the extra bit of star power needed to push people off the fence.

In case the actual features and reviews are what you’re really interested in though, here’s a roundup of everything iPad 2.

iPad 2 First Hands On {Engadget}

“This thing is insanely fast. We’re not joking — it’s blazingly fast. Everything the iPad 2 does feels like it’s on turbo. We’re uploading a video of the some evidence of this, you’ll be appropriately stunned.”

Visit Engadget for additional videos and closeups.

Why Steve Jobs Emceed Another iPad Pep Rally {Fast Company}

“For many Apple-gazers, the most notable aspect of Wednesday’s iPad 2 launch wasn’t any particular feature of the upgraded device. Nor was it the fact that Apple was launching a v2 less than 12 months after it unveiled the first version of its new tablet; it was the command performance by the person who made it: CEO Steve Jobs.”

iPad 2: All the Details {Gizmodo}

“Contrary to the rumors, the new iPad 2 has been improved a lot internally. Faster processor, faster graphics, HDMI Full HD output, the 720p HD camera on the back, the frontal VGA camera… it’s quite a new beast.”

Apple announces redesigned iPad 2: A5 CPU, 2 cameras, ships March 11 {Apple Insider}

“The new iPad 2 will be available in two colors — black and white — and will be available on both AT&T and Verizon 3G networks from day one. It also sports the same 10-hour battery life. A new accessory cable will also offer mirrored HDMI video out to HDTVs for 1080p high-definition output. The $39 cable allows users to charge their iPad while using the video out feature. Another accessory announced by Apple is a magnetic “smart cover,” which covers the front of the device. Covering the front of the device automatically locks the device, while taking it off will unlock it. Microfibers on the screen cover are said to clean the iPad 2 display, while magnets will automatically align the cover on the screen.”

iPad 2 will be at Best Buy at launch (Update: Sams Club+Walmart) {9 to 5 Mac}

“In case you want to sit in the parking lot of a Best Buy rather than the parking lot of an Apple Store: Best Buy will have iPad 2 at launch.  Wooo!”

What was MIA from the big iPad announcements today? {TUAW}

“Life is not all about fawning over every move Apple makes (despite what it feels like some days). As I step outside the Reality Distortion Field, there were some things I wanted to see Apple include.”

iPad 2 Rollout Leads to Massive Deflation in Secondary Market {Mashable}

“If you’re planning to trade in your old iPad for a shiny new iPad 2, you aren’t alone. In the hours after the iPad 2 announcement, thousands of iPad users have headed for the web to sell off their tablets of yesteryear. This frenzy — coupled with Apple’s decision to drop the price of the original iPad to help clear out inventory — has had a drastic impact on the secondary market. That makes this a prime opportunity for savvy buyers to get a good deal on last year’s iPad.”

Just Bought An iPad? Head Back To The Apple Store With A Quickness For A $100 Rebate {CrunchGear}

“Did you just buy an iPad? Why? Don’t you pay attention to the Internet? Anyway, if you bought an iPad between now and February 16 you can still pop back to the Apple Store to get a $100 rebate on your recently purchased frisbee.”


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