Feedback: iPhone 4 Reception Problems Are a Dealbreaker

After a terrible experience waiting 10 hours in line to buy 2 new iPhone 4’s, the signal issue is a real problem on both of my phones regardless of how they are held. The two phones only get signal strength laying down untouched for regardless how they are held, the signal goes away. There is a serious issue with the conductivity of the antenna. Also the flash is making the picture blurry or rather non existent at all on both phones. I also have 5 Jawbone bluetooth devices and they keep getting disconnected all the time. Were these phones designed to be used or hung on the “right” wall of my living room ? Will they fall down if I hang them on the left wall ? Do I need rubber gloves to use the phones ? I’m returning both of these devices and I’m a dedicated Apple consumer having previously bought about 16 iPhones, 2 iPads, 8 Mac Books, 4 Mac Airs and countless Ipods. Very dissapointed.

From Val on iPhone 4 Problems Continue, Reception Issues Could Take a Backseat to Privacy Concerns

Do the reception and potential privacy problems of the iPhone 4 make it a dealbreaker for you? Let us know in the comments.

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