I Like It On…Facebook Meme Looks to Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

You already know that Ralph Lauren, Kohl’s and numerous other companies are bringing on the pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but if you’ve seen a few Facebook status updates that declare “I like it on the floor,” or other seemingly flirtatious statements you’ve been seeing the latest social media campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer. {Mashable}

The “it” in “I like it on…” actually refers to a woman’s purse, not where she likes to have sex (sorry guys), though the double entendre is hard to ignore – which is probably the point.

While pink ribbons are prominent year round reminders to women to be on the lookout for lumps or abnormalities in breast tissue, there’s nothing wrong with adding a reminder in a more jovial manner. Though it’s not seen as anything inflammatory in the US, there are plenty of countries around the world where discussing breast health is still seen as a taboo. Even in the US, a woman’s husband or boyfriend might not be the first person to say “have you done a self-exam recently?” so a meme with a wink and a nod to other shared activities is a clever way to get that type of discussion started.

Pictured: Ralph Lauren Mini Pink Pony Handbag, $45 {Ralph Lauren}

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