Kindle’s #1 (but it’s not as impressive as it sounds)

kindleIf you’re scouring Amazon for their great Cyber Monday Deals today, you may want to check out their number one selling item.

Blue-Ray DVDs? Wii consoles? Going Rogue?  Nope. Amazon released a press release today stating that the Kindle, the incumbent eReader facing competition from Barnes & Noble’s Nook, is currently its top dog.

Thanks to a recent international launch and a price cut, the Kindle is, according to Amazon Vice President Ian Freed, “flying off the shelves.” But how fast it’s flying is still cause for speculation, since Amazon has yet to release any hard sales numbers to the public.

Plus, as Gizmodo writer John Herrman points out,  it’s easy to make a bestselling item when you have a monopoly on the device.

Of course, being #1 on Amazon is still no small feat – we’re just anxious to find out how the Kindle will fare once (and if) B&N gets their act together to promote/distribute their much spiffier Nook. 

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