Lady Gaga is the Undisputed Facebook Fan Favorite

Lady Gaga may be turning into a fashion fame monster, but apparently her “little monsters” (her nickname for fans) couldn’t care less. The 24-year-old pop star recently surpassed President Obama, Twilight and Starbucks in overall Facebook fans. Presently just over 10,300,000, it makes the singer the most popular living person on Facebook, and the first to cross the 10 million fan mark.

Who’s giving the Lady competition? The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, for one – his fan count is at 14 million. But games seem tough to beat as well: Texas Hold ‘Em Poker and Mafia Wars have more than 20 million and 12 million fans respectively. {Famecount} If she really wanted to take advantage of this information, we’d suggest some sort of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Face collaboration.

While she has yet to catch up to number one tweetstar Ashton Kutcher (he has 5.1 million followers to her 4.7 million), Lady Gaga’s social media success has been extraordinary. Last month, she became the first artist to amass 1 billion channel views on YouTube , once again surpassing tween America’s favorite vampires. Twilight Saga was at 980 million channel view, so they’re not far behind, but with the dark imagery in her Alejandro video, the competition is likely to stay neck and neck for a while (pun intended).

Still, Lady Gaga is shooting past everyone from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift to former hot search Britney Spears and even the Beatles, so it seems clear that at least for a while the Lady leads social media.

While she may not be the richest on the list, that support could be part of the visibility that propelled her from unranked to #4 on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 listing of the most powerful celebrities. {Forbes}

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