Lady Gaga’s Latest Polaroid Products Go Grey #CES2011

Lady Gaga is a big fan of gray. If her Vanity Fair cover wig didn’t tip you off, her product demos at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show should do it. The avant-garde fashion star showed up at last year’s CES to cement her place as Polaroid creative director and show her gadget girl aspirations by launching her own headphones.

Lady Gaga with the Polaroid GL10 portable printer, photos of the Polaroid GL30 digital camera/printer combo

Images via CrunchGear

This year it was all about the big picture as she debuted the Polaroid Grey GL30 Instant Camera, which (surprise!) takes the polaroid instant photo concept digital. The GL30 has a flip-up LCD screen for framing shots, a panel of controls underneath the screen and alternately a one shot option. Sticking with the instant image aspect that’s made Polaroid an icon, it also doubles as a wireless color printer which actually sounds pretty cool. If you can do without the camera or already have a favorite but like the idea of instant prints, the GL10 is a portable printer that should be right up your alley. It will be the first to launch at a price of $149.99 with a scheduled release sometime in April, and allows you to make Polaroid style print outs of digital images via Bluetooth on the fly. {WSJ} It’s not iPhone compatible, but maybe all those new Meizu M9 owners can make up for that.

“I love the products, I’m so proud to be here,” Gaga gushed about developing the gadgets with Polaroid. “They honored me as a woman, as a creative director and they really let me [put my] hands in there and design this sh– myself,” Gaga said. {MTV}

In other words, Mother Monster was very hands on in the design of the GL – Grey Label – line, which is probably best evidenced in the forthcoming GL20. What exactly is the GL20? The first camera/sunglasses combination that doesn’t look totally ridiculous. The unpriced Polaroid glasses allow the wearer to instantly take photos of what they’re seeing and display them on LCD screens built into the gadget. While this totally sounds like something from the mind of Gaga, if people had problems with video girl Barbie we’re almost certain privacy advocates are going to go gaga over this – and not in a good way.

On the plus side, now hidden camera filmmakers can look a little less creepy while doing their thing.

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