Mark Zuckerberg Is the Most Followed Person On Google+

Poor Google. Even on their Facebook killer they can’t escape the dominant social network’s shadow. Google+, the so far, so good attempt from Google to chip away at Facebook’s chokehold on the social networking space, got a pretty warm welcome from Silicon Valley. The worst review we read essentially said that while Google+ is good and just like Facebook in the areas that count, it’s not better than Facebook so beyond the tech set most users probably won’t make the switch. Guess who decided to see if Google+ is doing anything better than Facebook though… that’s right, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg! And now he’s the most followed person on Google+, ahead of current Google CEO and co-founder Larry Page. {SocialStatistics}


The service is still new, and quite obviously skews tech heavy, so once more invites open up we’re sure that Google celeb favorites like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber who dominate Facebook and Twitter will kick the geeks out of the top 10 on Google+ as well. And really, if Google+ is going to be a Facebook (or Twitter) killer, that will be the surest sign of future potential.

Though having your primary competitor sign up to see what’s going on isn’t a bad sign either.


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