Maybe Your iPhone Does Need Clothes

Remember those cute but seemingly silly iPhone clothes we wrote about? looks like they may not be so silly after all. MobileCrunch is reporting that a woman in Norway was using her iPhone in her car to play music when it suddenly exploded, seemingly because of the cold outdoor temperatures.

The bad news? Apple’s warranty is voided if the phone is used in freezing temperatures. To be clear, we’re talking about 15-degree Fahrenheit/-10-degree Celsius weather here. Cold? Absolutely, but not the kind of arctic chill you’d imagine causing phone meltdowns, or should we say cooldowns.

The good news is that Norway’s consumer protection laws override Apple’s contract, so all is not lost for this iPhone owner. {speechorgan}

The ugly is that  you probably won’t be as lucky in the US, where almost every state is experiencing freezing or below freezing temperatures. Should your phone stop working because of the cold, Apple and AT&T may not have any responsibility to replace it. If it happens to enough people to cause an outcry their may be some flexibility; but considering how long it took to get an acknowledgment that antenna problems on the iPhone 4 were more than just people needing phone holding classes, you’re probably better snuggly than sorry.


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