New Kindle Selling Faster Thans Previous Models

Amazon has proved that readers want to use eReaders.  The first two models of the Kindle sold fairly well, even at their relatively high prices.  The newest Kindle is at a lower price with a better screen and battery than the previous versions, which has only helped the device’s popularity.

Amazon is infamous for never releasing hard numbers for how many Kindles are sold, though the company isn’t afraid to talk in relative figures.  It seems that the newest Amazon Kindle has sold more in the first four weeks of availability than any other Kindle launch.  That makes the new Amazon Kindle the fastest selling version yet, which is impressive but none to surprising given the $139 WiFi-only version that is available for the first time. {TechCrunch}

Amazon has also said that the new Kindle models have sold more on both and than any other product.  The Kindle is also the most gifted and wished-for products on the two sites, which certainly says a lot about how far eReaders have come.

Going on personal experience, it’s difficult in New York City to take a subway without seeing at least one Kindle in use.  Amazon’s relative numbers only back up what we can already infer: there are a lot of people out there who like the idea of reading books without having to carry around the actual books.  Yes, physical books are nice, but eBooks are arguably easier to read, easier to carry with you, and don’t use up so many trees.


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