Skype 5 Brings 10 Person Video Chat

Skype is great for video chats with individual friends, or the ability to talk to multiple people at once with just voice chat.  With the next version of Skype you’ll be able to take all those people together with video.

Skype has announced that it’s newest beta release supports up to 10 users on video at once.  The beta is for Skype 5.0, and also adds automatic call recovery, and a cleaned up interface.  Of course, since this is a beta, it’s going to be buggy, so it probably isn’t for everyone.  That being said, if you want to have 10-person video chats, everyone involved has to have the same Skype beta.  Right now that means that they all have to be Windows users since the beta is only for Windows. {Mashable}

The real question is if you really want to have 10-person Skype video chats.  It might make sense for small businesses, but for the average user, it doesn’t seem too useful to go all the way up to 10.  The previous version of the beta supported up to five people on a video call at once, which seemed to be a good number.  Who knows, maybe we’ll never be able to live without 10-person video chat when it hits everyone.  Or maybe we’ll stick just stick to voice chat to cut down on potential service issues that seem to plague some Skype users no matter what.


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