Soluto Wants to Make Your PC Less Frustrating, Wins TechCrunch Disrupt for the Effort

Soluto is one of the three companies that survived the first round of TechCrunch Disrupt, and the company eventually came through to win the grand prize of $50,000. {TechCrunch} The Israel based company’s pitch is that it helps relieve you of your PC frustrations. The first place that Soluto will help is during the boot-up period of your Windows PC to make it run faster.

Rather than make it confusing or complicated so that only a few people can access it, Soluto makes it incredibly easy to see what programs are starting when you start up your PC.  The beta software will allow users to pause or delay those applications to make the PC boot up faster than usual.  To make sure users don’t kill an important program or application, everything is uploaded to a wiki by “techies” who know what they’re doing, making it easy for other users to handle the tasks.

Another interesting part of Soluto is it’s PC Genome project.  The PC Genome will take the anonymous data Soluto has about users’ PCs to tell consumers how different PCs handle different tasks.  Those tasks can include how well a company’s computers handle Photoshop, or Windows 7, or just which programs tend to boot up faster. While there are several reasons people offer for switching to Macs, one of the most common is that the system seems easy to understand. A quick Google search turns up a solution for removing extraneous programs from the startup process (Start > Run msconfig > select Startup > uncheck boxes > done), people who know that they don’t want 20 programs launching when they start their computer may go with Soluto for the sheer simplicity of not even having to search for a solution at all. With the right partnerships, it could help users to make more informed opinions about which PCs they’re buying and what’s really to blame when things slow down (hint: it’s not always Windows).

A small amount of negative feedback that followed Soluto’s win is on the amount of funding they went into the competition with. {TechCrunch} While many of the companies had seed funding of a few hundred thousand dollars, Soluto had nearly $8 million in funding before launching. So while the service could certainly be useful to a very large number of people around the world, some are wondering if the significant financial advantage Soluto had entering the competition made for a level playing field with their competitors.

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