The Electric Shoe Car: If Everyone Jumped

If the shoe fits, might as well drive around in it all day, right?

This week, The Cut {via Selectism} posted a photo of a giant, 10-foot long authentic leather shoe made out of bull hide that is actually an electric car able to hold two people. It’s just for Sunday cruising or short trips, though, since it can only go up to 30 miles per hour.

The car was created by the Kang Shoe Company and has been making its way around the streets of China as a promotional tactic. {Gizmodo} It can go for up to 250 miles on the power of its single battery and stands three feet high. {Weird Asia News}

Since Kang plans to build 40 of these promotional cars, we figured we should offer suggestions for what types of shoes would make good automobiles. Kang should probably stick with styles that never go out of fashion, so a classic black women’s high-heeled leather boot would work great. Perhaps it could even come with removable shearling for colder weather. A Converse Chuck Taylor sneaker would be perfect to market to the young and hip crowd, and a strappy espadrille could be the equivalent of a convertible for warmer months.

The possibilities are endless, and we can’t to see what Kang comes up with or if the shoe car will ever go up for general sale. The image of the original shoe car has been circulating the Internet, so the company should at the very least find a way to take advantage of the success of its promotion. And step on it.

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