The Greenest Lap Tops of 2010: In the Green

Choosing a laptop nowadays is about as easy as finding love in the big city – it’s confusing, overwhelming, and so frustrating that you eventually end up settling for whichever one seems least likely to implode.

Well, my fellow greeniacs – why not let your environmental and ethical compass guide you? Check out this guide to buying eco-friendly laptops, and refer to our picks for the trendiest and greenest laptops you should be using in 2010.

Sony Vaio W, $450.

sony vaio WWith a plastic casing made from recycled CDs, a carrying-case from old water bottles, and an exclusively digital manual, the Vaio W (premiered at CES 2010 last week) is a mini notebook with a lot of green power. The device has not only gotten high ratings from Energy Star 5.0 and EPEAT, but it also has a 10.1 inch LED screen (which uses less energy than an LCD screen) and 7 hours of battery life. At $450, this may not be a lap top for the technologically inclined, but it’s definitely a great fit for a person for whom portability, durability, and eco-friendliness are key.

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Apple’s Macbook Air, $1,499.

macbook air

An oldy, but a goody. The Macbook Air may have been on the scene since 2008, but it remains one of the few high-performance, environmentally sound laptops on the market. Rated as the Greenest Ultraportable by LapTop Mag, the Macbook Air not only offers all the goodies you except from an Apple computer, but it also has environmental chops to spare. It’s energy-efficient, it’s recyclable, it’s manufacturing is almost toxin-free, and…it’s a Mac. Enough said.

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Asus Bamboo Series, $999 (Rumored)

asus bamboo

While Asus premiered a brand new, environmentally friendly laptop at CES this year… it was… well, it was hot pink.

And while we love our Barbie colors as much as the next gal, we’re still really digging the stylish sophistication and renewable nature of Asus’ Bamboo Series, which has now been amped up with Intel’s latest Core i5  processors. Plus, randomly enough, it’s the first netbook to “have survived the unforgiving conditions of snow-capped Qomolangma Peak, which stands at a staggering height of 8,848 meters (29,028 feet).” Yup, I’m a PC and I’m made from kick-ass, snow-defeating bamboo. Take that Mac.

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Toshiba Portégé M750, $1, 499

This one swivels. Cooooooool.

Ok, ok. Beyond its cool, swivveling netbook to tablet capabilities and an LED backlit display – this bad boy has its fair share of Eco-friendly badges of honor. Toshiba came in as the #3 Greenest Electronic Company of 2009 (according to Green Peace’s Rankings) – and the Portege is one of the companies eco-friendliest (reaching EPEAT’s Gold Standard). If you’re looking for the greenest tablet of the land – or just one which sounds more like a briefcase than a computer – look no further than the Portégé.

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