V CAST is Coming To Verizon Droid Phones on June 7th

Verizon has been seeing well-deserved success with it’s Droid smartphones, so much so that sales and a screen shortage have been keeping the Droid Incredible unavailable essentially since it’s launch.  That’s been without Verizon’s special V CAST service which it puts on just about every other phone.

On Monday, June 7, that will change and Android users on Verizon will be able to enjoy the on-demand TV shows that other Verizon customers enjoy.  Of course, like other Verizon customers, Droid phone users will have to pay extra for V CAST.  The service will cost them $3 per day or $10 a month depending on how they wish to use the service, if at all.  {Electronista}

The networks on V CAST include Nickelodeon, Fox and NBC among others.  Verizon’s V CAST is advertising the upcoming FIFA World Cup, so if you happen to be a fan of Android devices and soccer, you’re in luck. Sprint is also offering the game to mobile users with it’s own service, Sprint TV.  Sprint TV is loaded into all Android phones from Sprint already, including the new EVO 4G.  Sprint TV is also a free option for customers, as opposed to Verizon’s paid V CAST. {Androinica}

Of course, it is a step up on both AT&T and T-Mobile, neither of whom have streaming video services for customers, let alone for Android phones.

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