6 Drinks to Try This Weekend, and Take You Through the Year

Welcome to the weekend! Maybe you’re exhausted from fighting it out over a name, or you’ve seen some of the tattoos people are getting lately – and goodness knows you might need a stiff drink after that.

We asked the experts we spoke with last week to give us their suggestions for the best under the radar alcohol brands, as well as drink recipes that will carry you through the year, and keep you ahead of the 2011 alcoholic drink trends.

If it’s been one of those weeks, well, it’s Saturday. Mix one of these up and drink to that.

Dean Phillips is CEO of Phillips Distilling Company, a family owned, Minneapolis based spirits company that produces a full range of distilled alcohol including organic and flavored vodkas, rum, whiskey. The company introduced the luxury vodka category in 1995 with Belvedere and Chopin, and now produces 70 brands across various spirit categories.

A drink to take anyone through 2011:  “Muddle some fresh mint and cucumber in 2 healthy ounces of Prairie Organic Vodka, add ice and top-off with sparkling water. Makes bad parties good and good parties super great.”

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