Anti-Aging Ice Cream? It May Only Be a Few Years Away

These are not the younger looking, healthier cows Ben & Jerry's plans to use for their ice cream to make you younger looking and healthy

Just reading about this little tidbit makes our mouths water. Allure Magazine reports that famous ice cream duo Ben & Jerry are in the process of creating a new flavor of the frozen goodness we all love-but this new flavor has a surprising twist.

It seems the pair are hard at work on a project to produce an anti-aging ice cream treat that is touted as “healthy” and “beneficial” in the fight to looking younger and staying healthy.

U.S. scientists were called in on the project to assist Ben and Jerry in creating an antioxidant-rich desert that can prevent the development of disease. The deal was struck with Ampere Life Science last year in San Jose California, but another five years is expected before the end result could hit store freezers. {Fox 5 News}

We guess it isn’t as unexpected as it may first seem, because over the last few years everything from chips to candy to sugary cereals advertise some sort of vitamin, enzyme or nutritional benefit, even if the benefit is trivial when compared to the overall health downsides of the product. To compete with the health craze that society has been on these last few years, the Vermont-based company is looking for the potential edge to give them the advantage in the marketplace. We love Ben & Jerry and think that adding antioxidants can’t hurt – even if it still leaves their treats out of the question for dinner.

Would you buy ice cream with anti-aging claims? Tell us what you think!

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