Bacon-Flavored Beverages: If Everyone Jumped

It is a unique twist, to say the least

If you love bacon in the morning but want to avoid the unhealthy side effects of eating it for breakfast, you can now enjoy the bacon flavor fat free. How you ask?

Last week, Glamour magazine tweeted that the latest flavored syrup from Torani is bacon, so you can have bacon-flavored coffee or lattes in the morning.

A bottle of the stuff goes for $6.95 on Torani’s Web site, where  it has apparently been sold for a few months now. The site also has maple flavored syrup available, so if you figure out how to drink the combination from a pancake you may be well on your way to having a balanced liquid breakfast. According to Torani’s ½ – 1 oz. of syrup should be used to flavor a 6-8 oz. beverage and they suggest adding bacon flavor to manhattans, milkshakes and bloody marys in addition to coffee. The brand even offers recipes for bacon cocktails, including the Bacon Bourbon Sour, which is made with bacon syrup, lemon juice, bourbon and a garnishing strip of real bacon. {The Consumerist}

Torani claims its bacon-flavored syrup tastes salty, sweet and just like real bacon.

Hey, we didn’t say this was a perfect solution to the delicious but oh-so-unhealthy bacon conundrum. Plus, we haven’t actually tried bacon-flavored syrup, and it may turn out to be one of those things that sounds disgusting but is actually fantastic.

The Glamour staffer who wrote about the syrup did also mention seeing a café in Seattle that was selling bacon lattes, so maybe bacon-flavored drinks are the next Pumpkin Spice latte and will end up making us look foolish for questioning their tastiness. Maybe.

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