Chocolate Beef Jerky? Come Up With a Better Combination, and We’ll Buy It For You [Giveaway]

Yesterday, we told you about Chocomize, one of two startups offering DIY chocolate bars. Two of the ingredients that immediately caught our eye were the beef jerky and vegetarian bacon. Surely, we thought, these are only here for shock value. We had to ask if anyone had actually given them a try.

And later, they told us that beef jerky was actually the more popular of the two. {Chocomize Twitter}

To which we say, who are these people? Chocolate beef jerky and bacon? We’re not even sure if This Is Why You’re Fat has a category for that yet.

But we really do want to know, who’s coming up with these combos? So, we’re going to do a small giveaway to find out.

Entering is simple: visit Chocomize and take a look around. Once you’ve come up with your gourmet combo, stop by our Facebook page ( and post it on our wall.

There are 3 ways to win:

  1. We’ll choose one bar as the Signature9 favorite, and pick up the tab to have it created for the winner.
  2. If you don’t want to leave it to chance, we’ll also send a bar to the person who creates the combination garnering the most likes.
  3. And finally, if you’re not creative, but just see something that looks like a great combo, give it a “like.” We’ll choose one person to receive the bar they like most.

Chocolate meat lovers, be forewarned, the Signature9 favorite will likely not involve beef jerky. We’ll take submissions until August 2nd, and announce the winners on August 3rd.

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