Chocolate Covered Strawberries Should Not Need a Recipe

So the Grammys are tonight, Fashion Week is underway, but if you’re coupled up you may be thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day tomorrow. We have nothing against love, but frankly it’s making some people stupid.

Unlocking the great mystery of how strawberries become chocolate covered strawberries

In taking a look at Google’s trending searches, there were a few searches that make sense: what time the Grammys start, Grammy nominations printable Valentine’s Day cards – totally understandable.

What’s not understandable? Why people are searching for “chocolate covered strawberries recipe” and “how to make chocolate covered strawberries.” Seriously? Come on love birds, chocolate covered strawberries have exactly two ingredients (chocolate and strawberries, in case that wasn’t clear)! Is adding fire to the chocolate to melt it really something you need to consult Google on? If so, there’s the recipe: melt chocolate, dip strawberries, put on wax paper until they cool. Or look for a chocolate covered strawberry tree. We really hope this is one of Google’s attempts to punk Bing.

We laughed at Rachael Ray’s bacon “recipe” which consists of exactly one ingredient – no bonus points if you guessed bacon {Food Network Humor} – and Paula Deen’s equally ridiculous English Peas “recipe” which consists of opening a can of peas and adding butter (fire, too – don’t forget the fire or heat) {Dlisted}; but judging by the number of people stumped on how to make chocolate covered strawberries there is (sadly) an audience.

We guess it’s time to add this one to the ever expanding list of recipes which will be found in the Food Network’s forthcoming cookbook, Captain Obvious Goes Gourmet.

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