Food Fight: McNugget Edition

chicken_mcnuggetsMacarons? Absolutely. McNuggets? Well, if you ask Melodi Dushane, McDonald’s chicken nuggets fall into the food worth fighting for category.

Dushane, 24, apparently had a significant difference of opinion with a Toledo, OH McDonald’s that doesn’t serve McNuggets before 11am. While most people driving up at 6am would have gotten an Egg McMuffin and gone on their way, Dushane flew into a McRage and (allegedly) punched two employees and a drive through window to express her dissatisfaction.

If McDonald’s ever does an “I’m Lovin’ It a Little Too Much” campaign, Dushane and Latreasa Goodman, who called 911 after her local McDonald’s ran out of the addictive chicken pieces, can duke it out for the role of leading crazy lady.

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