Forget Cupcakes, Pass the Pie! Get Your Slice of 2011’s Hottest Dessert Trend

Cupcakes have been the favorite over the last few years, but market research shows that good old fashion pie may actually “take the cake” as 2011’s must have dessert.

Cupcakes have grown to become a trendy and inexpensive favorite as far as satisfying your sweet tooth goes but U.S. citizens on average ate 18% less cupcakes at home this year compared with 2010. On the contrary, Americans ordered 12 million more slices of pie in 2010 than they did  the previous year. Looks like the classic is making a comeback.

“We have always thought it was a great dessert, I guess everybody else finally agrees with us. People just have such great memories of pies.” says American Pie Council Executive Linda Hoskins. {WalletPop}

She goes on to note that in comparison to cupcakes, “Pie is so much more of a dessert and I think the fruit aspect of [some] pies give them a lot of appeal as well.” Like cupcakes, Hoskins points out many pies are being personalized with smaller single-portion sizes and individual details. “They are small, cute little pies and the people who make pie are very proud and passionate about their dessert…they love their product.” Ooh, pie is more dessert than cupcake? Sounds like dessert fighting words to us.

The dinner table isn’t the only place for pies these days either. In a world where tiers of cupcakes out-shine traditional wedding cake, couples are now opting for pie as their feature desert. Towers of mini pies, pie cakes, pie wedding favors and even mini pies-on-a-stick are in demand.

Sunday is National Pie Day, and Hoskins predicts it will be the most successful year to date due to increased participation, contests, giveaways, coupons and activities.

So what can we expect for the year of the pie? Just like we saw emerge from the cupcake-craze, expect to see more specialty pie shops, pop-up bakeries and even pie trucks opening this year. Mobile food vendors have a great advantage in tapping into this growing trend since the concept is ideal for pre-made items like pie that are quick and fairly easy to sell.

And if you just can’t decide, there’s always a big slice of pumpple piecake.

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