Coffee Mate, Starbucks and Seamless Web Will Keep You Caffeinated This Weekend

Not a football fan? Need help staying awake through the game while waiting on the commercials? Well in addition to this being the weekend two teams battle it out for the title of NFL champions, it also seems to be the weekend of free coffee promotions.

Wallet Pop reports that Coffee Mate, Seamless Web and Starbucks are all offering (separate) variations on the theme, perhaps their way of getting a leg up on the blitz of ads sure to be discussed on Monday.

Coffee Mate‘s Free Flavor Friday promotion for Facebook fans (say that 3 times fast) has been such a success that the company is adding 20,000 bottles to it’s originally planned 100,000 bottle giveaway due to technical difficulties (too many people trying to get in on the deal at once?). You still have a chance, but the giveaway was always planned to end at 11:59pm PST, or once 100,000 people accepted the offer, so click quickly.

Seamless Web, an online food ordering website that serves New York, Boston and Washington, DC restaurants (as well as one of our favorite alternatives to room service in said cities), is offering 350,000 free cups of coffee in partnership with restaurants in each city, and all you have to do is show up. That’s one reason to battle it out with winter weather.

Starbucks is probably the biggest brand name, but their free coffee offer isn’t quite as free as the others.

“Buy any 5-, 6-, 7-, 8- or 12-pack of VIA from a Starbucks or a grocery store and if you don’t like it, return it to Starbucks for a 12-ounce bag of free Starbucks House Blend ground coffee. This offer is valid for VIA purchased between Feb. 2, 2011 and Aug. 31, 2011. The taste test guarantee is good on VIA black coffee, flavored coffee, and iced coffee.” {Wallet Pop}

While a coffee exchange is nice, there’s not much of a risk for Starbucks – whatever your feelings are about the VIA instant coffee, you’ll still be drinking their coffee. Guess that’s one way to make sure the ever more minimalistic logo doesn’t mess with brand recognition in any way.

So click quickly to get your free Coffee Mate bottle, stop in to a participating Seamless Web restaurant – every day if you’d like – to get your free cup of joe, and if you’re still not hopped up enough to assure a fitting Super Bowl super buzz, stop by your local Starbucks to give a trial run to their instant coffee.

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