Lady Gaga Threatens Legal Action Against Baby Gaga Ice Cream Makers for Milking Her Fame

Dirty ice cream? Yes. Breast milk ice cream? No way.

Just last week we wrote “incorporating the name of one of the world’s biggest pop stars, while good for grabbing the attention of Gaga fans via vague headlines, doesn’t seem like it’s all that great for creating a distinct brand identity,” when posing the question of whether breast milk ice cream (named Baby Gaga) would be a trend that anyone would jump on. Seems like Lady Gaga agrees, and as of last Friday began legal proceedings against Baby Gaga makers The Icecreamists. {London Evening Standard}

Lady Gaga’s suit accuses the Icecreamists of “riding on her coattails,” and calls the ice cream itself “deliberately provocative and, to many people, nausea-inducing.”

Okay, we kind of agree with the first part, and we agree on the nauseating nature of the ice cream, but this is also coming from the same woman who wore raw meat and is including the scent of blood and semen in a forthcoming fragrance.

All of which are perfectly good reasons for the Icecreamists to choose a name that might not be mistaken as a Lady Gaga endorsed product, but we have to admit there’s something… odd about Mother Monster taking on a concept that’s provocative on the opposing side.

Icecreamists owner Matt O’Connor called the legal action “utterly ridiculous” and vowed to fight the case. “This is a David versus Goliath battle I’m convinced we will eventually win. The world’s biggest superstar has taken umbrage with the world’s smallest ice-cream parlour,” he said.

Well, we warned of this happening, but as the saying goes almost all publicity is good publicity (unless you’re Max Clifford, in which case bad publicity just shows how flawed your thought process is). If O’Connor can count on anything, it’s that at the end of this his ice cream shop will definitely get a taste of the fame.

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