There are few places that celebrate eating as well as you dress. In fact if you go by Karl Lagerfeld’s latest quote, you might believe that everyone who enjoys (and is able to fit) the visually delicious creations sent down the runways doesn’t enjoy anything more than Diet Coke and shaved ice in the culinary department. Luxirare is the unique blog that turns that thought on its head. While we could go on for hours on the visual wonders (both fashion and food), the latest post to catch our attention focuses on an amazing technicolor array of absolutely mouth-watering parfaits. Given that even McDonald’s has them on the menu, parfaits might not be considered gourmet fare, but “caviar” ranging from Hypnotiq (liquor) to Pomegranate flavor easily take this into epicurean territory. Per usual, you can DIY with the help of detailed step-by-step instructions.

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