The Maple Bacon Sundae: If Everyone Jumped

We’re not sure why people keep trying to fix something that’s not broken, but another strange take on ice cream is here. First it was anti-aging ice cream (which we would try, even if we’re not totally convinced ice cream can replace good skincare), then it was Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream (which we’ll pass on trying), and now we have Denny’s maple bacon sundae (which we’re undecided about).

On one hand, this seems like one of those things that sounds gross, but might actually be pretty good. On the other hand, bacon + ice cream + maple syrup just seems to = heart attack by the scoop, but Denny’s has never been known for their healthy cooking so at the very least it’s on the menu at the right place.

Plus, the rest of the Baconalia menu – which is actually a great title if it’s a play on the gluttonous Bacchanalia feasts and orgies of ancient Rome (though it might be a lost reference) – is relatively tame so this could just be one of those dishes that’s there to get people talking and interested in safer choices. Bacon and eggs, bacon and pancakes and a BLT aren’t all that difficult to find at other restaurants, so bacon topped ice cream could be a draw.

And for everyone who has already signed themselves up for bacon flavored beverages, chocolate covered bacon and the $475 bacon of the month club, it provides one more type of food to satisfy your bacon obsession. Forget a bird, put a bacon (strip) on it seems to remain the dominating food meme.

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