Two Pies, One Cake – The Pumpple

Unlike many other two/one combinations you’ve heard about on the internet, this ends deliciously – or so we’d imagine.

The Flying Monkey Patisserie in Philadelphia has introduced the Pumpple, a half cake, half pie monster dessert that could probably crash your diet if you stare at it too long. The 1800-calorie per slice Pumpple is a pumpkin pie covered in chocolate cake, topped with buttercream icing and an apple pie covered in vanilla cake, topped with more buttercream. {Trend Hunter via the Gloss} It’s half cake, half pie and probably half of the extra 5lbs. the holidays always gift you (Happy Merry Holidays! Marie Claire writers think you’re gross when you’re under the mistletoe now).

Surely, this is an effort towards ending the long standing cake vs. pie conflict. Considering the ingredients, it also seems like an effort to quell Thanksgiving fights over who gets the last slice of a particular pie.

It just seems wrong to have all of that cake and pie at once – a single slice is a foot tall, but who are we to challenge a dessert that’s out to bring a little peace to the great dessert debate.

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