Would You Drink Whisky From a Can?

We're going to just say no to whisky in a can

We’ve seen single serving wine in a plastic glass, wine in a box and wine around your neck. Now whisky is getting in on the odd container action courtesy of Scottish Spirits’ whisky in a can. {Dlisted}

Maybe there’s an unanswered call for individual serving containers of more alcohols than just beer, but is a can really the best way to go about it? Even though we’d like to think we wouldn’t judge a drink by its container, there’s something about an aluminum can that removes a certain amount of class associated with anything in it.

Once the cheaper association is attached, it’s pretty difficult to shake off. We won’t say that the Four Loko outrage was all based on the packaging choice, but if it had been bottled and given different branding perhaps it wouldn’t have attracted the disdain that the can did. While there’s a certain demographic who wouldn’t mind hard liquor in a can, they’re not the people most companies want to be known for targeting.

Just our take though, if you’re a whisky drinker, would the convenience of a can tempt you to try this?

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