You Wear What You Eat

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were really hungry and could just eat your bracelet off?
Well, maybe not, considering it’s a bracelet. But it’s quite a concept past the Fruit Loops bracelets you made in the first grade.

In his new book, “A Matter of Taste,” Fulvio Bonavia features designs of various accessories that are all made out of, you guessed it, FOOD! {ThisBlogRules}

Chocolate cufflinks, a blackberry bag and apple headphones

There are items that are cute and the commoner would TOTALLY wear, such as boots covered in rice (it looks like snow, honestly). We’ll even go ahead and say the blackberry purse is actually quite covetable. – perhaps an idea if Blackberry and Chanel were ever to do some kind of collaboration. And the chocolate cufflinks? Those wouldn’t last more than a few minutes after they made their way out of the box. But then there are accessories that are definitely reserved for the Lady Gagas and Daphne Guinesses of the world – a helmet made out of a watermelon, headphones made out of apples among others.

The famous Italian photographer seems to have an obsession with making clutches out of berries. Ladies, your options (thus far, anyway) are blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

All we can say is, try not to eat your yummy outfit additions! But don’t worry about being tempted, because he doesn’t seem to be selling these accessories anytime soon. While the shelf life on these trends would obviously pass pretty quickly, we’re a little disappointed they’re only for show.

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