Amazon’s Bring Your Own Bandages Gastric Bypass

First there were the iPhone STD tests, now there’s an all-in-one gastric bypass kit on Amazon for those of you who think doctors are overpriced or just plain overrated.

For just $258.95, you can be the proud owner of your very own gastric bypass kit including everything from body markers to blades and bandages. Easy to follow instructional app sold separately.

Seriously, we know health care and obesity are two very hot topics, but is this really the way to keep costs down? We’ve all heard about crazy hospital markups that make a single aspirin $50, and other kinds of ridiculous markups BUT isn’t this taking frugal to a new level?

We’re sure there’s nothing wrong with the quality of the kit – actually, we’re not sure, which is the problem here. We can appreciate wanting to cut down on unnecessary costs when it comes to medical bills, but is patients buying their own surgery kits a good idea? Most people probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a good kit and a bad one.

In theory, it’s amazing in the weirdest possible way that you can buy an ebook reader for the waiting room and a surgery kit for the operating room in the same place, but it doesn’t mean you should. {Bits and Pieces via Buzfeed}

If you’re still in favor of bring-your-own medical supplies, here’s our favorite product review.

I’ve tried everything to lose weight, and for whatever reason, I fail miserably every time!

Amazon has officially “kicked it up a notch” by providing this top notch “all in one” product! My Aunt Sissy up in New York paid $15K for an over the top surgical procedure, and a three day stint in the recovery room. Me? I bought this kit, had my brother beat the crap out of me until I couldn’t feel feelings anymore, and woke up a changed man!

Now when I go for “fourth meal”, I can only eat half a crunchy taco, in lieu of the fifteen I used to consume!

In the end Medline saved me thousands of dollars in medical bills, but unfortunately helped spur a reoccurring pain killer addiction! I may be thin now, have a vagina for a chin, but every day when I look in the mirror I see a winner… and occasionally a purple T-Rex trying to pick up a pencil from the floor. Meh.. it’s funny because he doesn’t realize how short his hands are.

P.S.- I have two kits left if anyone wants my brother to come by and “hook them up”.

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