Beautiful People Now Offers Beautiful Babies

When Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – for some couples, it’s almost genetically impossible to produce ugly offspring. But what do you do if you’re ready to have a child, and don’t have access to a beautiful actress or handsome model? is hoping that you’ll get in touch with one of their members through a newly launched “fertility forum,” where you can troll browse for sperm donors or egg donors. {CNNMoney}

The odds were never against Nahla in the beautiful genes department

Nearly every parent wants the best for their children – the best education, the best opportunities, and some companies hope the best diapers money can buy. There’s a future American Apparel employee joke somewhere in there, but if you think about it, is this really so out there?

Now, it would be one thing if a couple who is able to conceive the old fashioned way decides to go with eggs or sperm from better looking people. However, most of the people in the market for a sperm donor or egg donor can’t conceive for any number of reasons – they’re single parents, perhaps part of a gay or lesbian couple, or just unable to conceive naturally and don’t want to consider adoption. In those situations there’s likely some elitism taking place already, even if it’s not spoken about.

In the case of gay and lesbian couples, it could be choosing someone with physical characteristics similar to the partner not contributing an egg or sperm, and similar desires could come into play for couples where one of the partners has fertility problems. While these couples are choosing eggs or sperm, it’s not unreasonable to think that some people decide to go for better looking versions of themselves.

There’s always an uproar over the possibility of designer babies, and genetic modifications designed solely for the purpose of appearances – but we’d put money on there being a prospective clientele willing to try if those services were ever made available.

It may be an unwelcome reminder of the increasing importance of appearance, but we’d be surprised if there weren’t a demand for the service.

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