Can’t Wait for the Dexter Season 6 Premiere? View the Leaked First Episode Now [VIDEO]

In a leak that seems not wholly unintentional, the entire first episode of Season 6 of Dexter has made its way online on bit torrent and steaming sites nearly a week before broadcast.

The fact that the leaked video seems to be an HD quality version of the premiere, makes us think Showtime probably has more to do with the web release than any crafty fan. And actually, it may be a smart marketing move.

Had they tried to release the episode early through official channels, there may have been more licensing hassles and less buzz from people who spread the word after feeling like they’ve stumbled upon an unauthorized version. Even with the early release, that will surely get a few extra viewers tuning in on October 2nd to rewatch the first episode, and more than likely a few after that.

Even though we’re pretty sure that’s how this situation’s been (well) played, we couldn’t resist tuning in early. The down side is that it means an even longer wait for a new episode, the good side (depending on your interpretation) is that the ending seems to hint at how the Michael Hall and Jennifer Carpenter divorce might effect the new season.

Click play below to view Dexter S06E01 if you can’t wait for October 2nd. Now that it’s out, will you tune in again next week?

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