Casey Anthony and Caylee Anthony Memorabilia: If Everyone Jumped…

Casey Anthony will be released from prison today, and is expected to relocate and change her appearance. It’s for her protection, since many people aren’t in agreement with the Florida jury that found her not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony. If you’re Nancy Grace, an HLN executive, or were otherwise glued to the edge of your seat during the trial, you may find this to be a bit of an anti-climactic ending.

Perhaps you find yourself longing for the circus-like atmosphere of the trial, but fear not – like any good show, this one comes with memorabilia.

A full courtroom diorama has disappeared from Etsy {MSNBC}, but there’s plenty of memorabilia remaining. The t-shirt at left, which allows for a mix of state pride and Casey Anthony opposition is still available, as are hand drawn cartoon portraits of Anthony, her attorney Jose Baez and trial judge Belvin Perry.

While eBay says that it’s pulled some of the items that it’s deemed in particularly bad taste, if you’re looking for something that pays tribute to the interest in the trial of the (last) century and the internet meme started by Antoine Dobson, this t-shirt featuring side by side mugshots of Casey Anthony and OJ Simpson was able to make it through a full listing (though it ended with no bids).

As did this oil painting of a nude Casey Anthony with a roll of duct tape, which adds new levels of disturbing to this entire thing, but is hands down the most artistic.

If you’d rather wear your feelings on your sleeve  – or chest, or the back of your truck, there are a myriad of t-shirts and bumper stickers available on CafePress as well.

We get it. Unlike the murder mysteries on TV, where the prosecutor always has one legal trick up his sleeve to ensure that the bad guy is punished, that’s not exactly how this case has played out.

Even adult entertainment studios have backed away from employment offers for Anthony, and very few people want to see her profit from the trial through paid interviews, books or television appearances in any way. Shouldn’t that extend to this entire debacle?

While there are plenty of people jumping on the bandwagon to provide the souvenirs for the greatest trial show on earth, none of the t-shirts or bumper stickers or keychains or artwork are going to change what happened to Caylee Anthony or her mother.

Judging by how long most listings have been up, and how few sales most have, it seems that maybe – just maybe, the appetite for all things Casey Anthony is shrinking even if it leaves a bitter taste.

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