Cindy Tells It Like It Is

Last week, Hannah Pool from UK newspaper The Guardian sat down with [still super!] supermodel Cindy Crawford to discuss the current fashion industry, and one quotation struck us as particularly poignant, especially in light of recent backlash against Karl and his “fat mummies” and Kate and her taste for skinny:

We as the consumers, we as the women, have the power.  If you don’t like something, don’t buy it.  Don’t buy the magazine if you don’t like what it says.  If you don’t like the image a brand is putting out, don’t buy it.  What I really don’t agree with is people who complain about it but still support it. You’re giving your power away. If people don’t want skinny models, stop buying the magazine with the skinny model, and believe me those magazines will change fast. It’s business.

We agree, Cindy: it’s one thing to recognize problems within society and the media, but recognizing is not enough if we are not willing to change our habits and realize that we are the ones who are ultimately in control.

Read the full story {The Guardian}

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