Exploring Emerald, Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year

RGB, CMYK and HTML Hex Codes, Plus 9 Emerald Green Product Picks

Not quite ready to invest in the real thing? Pantone says the emerald color will be all over the place for 2013, meaning you can channel the style without the emerald cuts. Photo credit: thisisbossi/Flickr

Long a hit with red carpet starlets, emerald will get a bit of extra attention in 2013 as Pantone’s Color of the Year.

17-5461 is the official ID – speaking of, are Pantone IDs the equivalent of Social Security numbers for colors? When their glory days are behind them, and they’re sent off to an old age home for hues we can see Honeysuckle sitting around with a cup of hot cocoa complaining to Turquoise that Pantone payments just haven’t kept up with the cost of living, but we digress.

Emeralds, though often admired for their strong, vibrant green cuts, actually have a beautiful range that includes greens tinged with just a hint of blue (our favorite, and an ideal shade to complement the turquoise color of the year items still in your closet or around your home) and even pale, glassy shades that wouldn’t be recognized as emeralds at first glance.

Pantone seems to have settled on the slightly bluish green shade to represent the spectrum. For design geeks, we present the RGB, CMYK and HTML Hex codes of Pantone Emerald, between a few complimentary and contrasting spectrums.

RGB, CMYK and HTML color codes for Emerald

For those who are just reminded of their love for the shade and want ways to incorporate it, try these 9 emerald style and home pieces.


 Pamela Henson Silk Blend Emerald Green Dress Pants $118

J.Crew Men’s Lambswool V-Neck Sweater $64.50-69.50

Alexander McQueen Green Bustier Dress $2091.87

The Limited Faceted Translucent Bracelet $12.45

Marc Jacobs Green Paradise Rio Bag $1195

Colombo Men Green Cashmere Oblong Scarf $331

BBJ Luxe Emerald Green 4-pc. Charger Plate Set $143.99

Diane von Furstenberg Golf Green Twigs Duvet $199.99-249.99

Orrefors by Karim Eko Green Votive Candle Holder $35




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