White Castle Scented Candles with Vera and Martha: If Everyone Jumped

First Bacon-flavored lattes hit the market, now burger-scented candles are apparently all the rage. Even Martha Stewart and Vera Wang are getting behind them.

Maybe Harold and Kumar were busy?

This week, Stewart and Wang stopped by the White Castle in Herald Square, New York City to help promote slider-and-onion scented candles made by Nest Fragrances. {The Cut} The candles will be sold at White Castle locations nation-wide for $13 each, which The Cut notes is about how much 14 White Castle sliders cost.

The proceeds from the candles will go to Autism Speaks, which is certainly something we can support, but does anyone honestly want their house to smell like White Castle? We’ve seen candles scented like other foods such as cookies, and while White Castle’s onion-laid sliders do smell delicious, the fragrance permeating an entire space for a long period of time would probably be a bit much – or at least make you unnecessarily hungry. Whatever happened to good old jasmine and apple-cinnamon candles?

Besides that, isn’t it a little strange that Martha Stewart is partnering with White Castle, even if it is for a good cause? The domestic diva gave a speech at White Castle in Herald Square about the charity and White Castle (including how this was not her first visit to the fast food chain) while greasy sliders and martinis were passed through the crowd. A Christmas tree decorated with White Castle cartons was also in attendance. {Elle} Forgive us, but Ms. home-cooked meals and crafty decorations seems a bit out of place in this situation.

In any case, along with the charitable aspect, the other good thing about the burger-scented candles is at least they’re relatively inexpensive – unlike many other off-beat, IEJ-featured products.

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