$400 Designer Stuffed Animals and Luxury Toys: If Everyone Jumped

We’ve seen $1400 collectible toys for adults. If you thought the $3,000 price tag on T-shirts that popped up in Valentino’s Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles boutique this summer was ridiculous, get this: following strong second quarter sales, Hermès now offers a children’s coloring book going for $130. {The Cut}

That’s $130 for something a toddler is likely to draw all over in disarray. If a parent handed this pricey art toy to their youngster, the pages would likely be torn out and hung on a refrigerator before inevitably fading and being tossed out. Not to mention that in this economy many shoppers are unwilling to pay that much for clothes, much less temporary entertainment for their kids.

Parents can also score a $600 pull-along wooden horse from Hermès for their little ones. A wooden horse is at least a bigger item with more longevity, but similar ones are available for much lower prices at Toys ‘R Us. In fact, a better-looking, pink and green horse can be purchased for $26.99 at toysrus.com.

Hermès’ collection of pricey kid toys does not stop there, though. The luxury brand also offers a $390 plush horse, a $405 silver-plated music box and a $435 sterling silver rattle. The rattle and music box are nice decorative pieces, but is anyone really going to give their newborn a sterling silver rattle to play with? The weirdest part of all is that children inevitably grow out of their baby toys, so it’s not as if the price tags can be justified with the potential for lifetime use.

Is there something we’re missing here? Let us know in the comments if there’s ever a convincing reason to spend so much money on childrens toys!

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