Sandra Bullock Won, but MTV Needs to Present One More Award…

…for most awkward presenter. On Sunday night, MTV aired its annual Movie Awards show. The ceremony is well known for its kooky fashion, outrageous performances, and extraneous use of expletives. Winners are voted for by viewers, ensuring that winners are chosen for their popularity, not necessarily their skill. In essence, the show is a giant popularity contest.

One of the most prestigious awards presented is the Generation Award, MTV’s version of the lifetime achievement award. This year, Sandra Bullock was presented with this award by Betty White, Bradley Cooper, and Scarlett Johansson.

It was during this presentation that it became apparent that MTV needed to award one more award: Most Awkward Presenter. When ScarJo took the stage with two of Bullock’s past co-stars, everyone did a mental memory check to figure out when she and Bullock ever worked together. They never have. Bradley Cooper helped along the awkwardness of the situation by asking if Ms. Johansson if she had anything to add. A simple “no” and an awkward shift of her body signaled that she felt as awkward as she appeared.

But things went a step further when Bullock finally took the stage to give her acceptance speech. Bullock turned toward Johansson and asked why she was there. Scarlett replied with a very awkward and drawn out explanation that implied her presence was in the place of her husband, Ryan Reynolds. You could almost hear the collective mental “Oooooohhhhh!” from the audience. But wait, there’s one more awkward surprise tucked in Johansson’s Dolce and Gabbana green lace dress. Johansson explained that her presence was to accept the Best Kiss award for her hubby if he and Bullock had won. The implication by Johansson was that she would have kissed Bullock upon reception of the Best Kiss award. Bullock quickly catches on and kisses Johansson. Having fulfilled the task she was sent to do, Johansson shrunk back to her fellow presenters and continued to stand there awkwardly until Bullock’s speech had been finished.

For such a wonderful actress, her performance Sunday night is not likely to win any improv roles in the future. Standing silently, she did not exude the confidence she usually does. Leaning forward a little and shifting her weight added to the feeling that ScarJo felt distinctly out of place. Each time she spoke, she seemed unable to articulate herself efficiently. Feeling out of place seemed to make her nervous, only adding to the need to award her with the Most Awkward Presenter award.

To judge for yourself, watch the video at MTV.

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