The Kardashian Kard is No More

Speaking of questionable credit card promotions. Can’t get enough of the Kardashian klan? If you were planning to use their branded pre-paid credit card while shopping up a storm at one of their boutique locations (or for posting bail after causing a ruckus at one of said boutiques’ openings) we have bad news.

On a positive note: the heavy handed airbrushing makes 2 of the 3 sisters nearly unrecognizable, so they should be able to walk away from this completely unscathed.

Considering that only 250 people purchased the pre-paid Kardashian Kard MasterCard, there may not be too many tears shed. Amid a nasty letter from Connecticut’s attorney general and an uproar from consumer groups over the high fees associated with the card, the Kardashian sisters have decided to pull their endorsement. {LA Times}

Critics had described the card as “one of the worst financial products ever introduced,” and judging by the slow response it seems consumers agreed.

The card came with a $9.95 activation fee, $7.95 monthly fees, a $6 cancellation fee and a charge of $1.50 to call customer service. While airlines would surely be impressed with how many extra fees the sisters K were able to pile on, threats of investigation by regulators and criticism from finance gurus proved to be more negative attention than the Kardashians were anticipating and they’ve decided to pull their names and images from the card. The issuing bank, University National Bank, will keep the outstanding 250 cards available for 30 days before officially ending the Kardashian experiment with financial products.

In a statement, an attorney for the women said “the negative spotlight turned on the Kardashians as a result of the Attorney General’s comments and actions threatens everything for which they have worked.”

Let’s see – sex tape, DUI,sometimes questionable reality show, but a shady credit card is what threatens the carefully crafted wholesome image we’ve all subscribed to and puts cracks in the foundation of the great Kardashian empire? That’s quite a piece of plastic.

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