The Rise of the Contractually Obligated Tweet

With millions of followers, stars like Kim Kardashian and big name brands like Reebok are making big bucks using Twitter as a means of advertising. It has been widely rumored that endorsement deals between businesses and celebrities actually contractually stipulate a certain number of product-related tweets per day.

Kim’s deal for Reebok Easy Tone sneakers has her tweeting pics of her wearing the shoes at the gym saying “I love my Reebok Easy Tones” and even including a link to buy them. She also recently tweeted “Where is there a Carl’s Jr in the valley? I’m seriously craving that salad!” In what we’re sure is just a coincidence, Kim is featured in some Carl’s Jr. ads aired this year. Now if that’s not obvious enough actress Melissa Joan Hart actually admitted that one of her contracts enforced a minimum of six promotional tweets per day. {The Insider}

Sandra Smith of Fox Business Network says that Kim’s sister Kourtney is also reportedly in on the money-making tweets, raking in about five to ten thousand per tweet. Looking at the Sponsored Tweets celeb list, Khloe  is the Kardashian offering the best bargain at a mere $2941.25 per tweet. “You’ve got Lindsay Lohan and a large number of celebrities that are reportedly getting involved in these tweets for pay,” Smith says. “Lindsay Lohan arguably has far fewer followers than some of the other big celebrities, but she’s still reportedly getting paid big bucks to participate.” According to Sponsored Tweets, the exact figure is $2985 per tweet.

As annoying as it is that someone can make what some people earn for 2 weeks (or more) of work in a minute and less than 140 characters, it does make sense. Twitter allows instant advertising to millions of people through the likeness of  their favorite celebs. Occasionally they do use the ability to reach out for good however. Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jennifer Hudson and Lady Gaga were part of a recent no tweeting campaign that raised $1 million, and longtime Twitter celeb users Ashton Kutcher and wife Demi Moore use it to help fight sex trafficking and child sex slavery as well as the American AIDS Foundation. Ben Stiller uses his 140 characters  to raise education awareness helping build temporary schools for children in need.

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