Experience Eastern Europe’s Recent History, Just Beware the Radiation

Everyone loves experiencing a little piece of history, but would you plan a trip to see the after effects of hazardous materials? Panorama Tours, based out of Kiev, Ukraine, have found a few people who have decided to partake in day trips to the Chernobyl disaster site. {Times Online}

Chernobyl and the nearby town of Pripyat experienced the results of nuclear meltdown in April 1986. Over 300,000 people were evacuated from surrounding areas and the compromised reactor was subsequently encased in a concrete shell. Radiation levels rose across most of Europe, resulting in higher rates of birth defects , chromosomal disorders, and cancers.

Yet a day trip to Chernobyl is still a desirable experience. Rare and unique, visitors are able to observe the results of nuclear power upon civilization, as well as the resilience of the natural world. Wolves and wild boar abound in an area where humans once led daily lives. Forests in the area are thriving as well.

While the radiation in the exclusion zone poses no risk to visitors, guides carry Geiger counters to prevent packs and clothing from becoming irradiated. But witnessing nature’s reconnaissance of lost land is a sight few people get to see and the uniqueness of the experience provide ample reason to visit such an unusual site.

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