Inspired By Berlusconi, The Jersey Shore Goes to Italy

Okay, so there’s no official confirmation that the Jersey Shore cast is inspired by Berlusconi, but really, have you heard about Berlusconi? He definitely has the tan covered, he’s got quite a lot of dirty laundry, and while we don’t know anything about his work out habits, “bunga bunga” {Slate} has to count as some form of exercise, no?

This will not end well

In their pursuit of the perfect republic, one where there are no tanning taxes and stripper clothing is not only accepted, but required for dealings with the government, Snooki, Snooki’s pouf, JWoww, JWoww’s breasts, Pauly D, Pauly D’s gel and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew is headed to old Italia! {Defamer/Gawker}

As if Berlusconi weren’t enough.

Considering their… unique command of the English language, we can. not. wait. to see the crew make their way through Italy. MTV is securing work permits to continue the charade that the cast members actually needs the part time jobs they’re assigned, and Vinny Guadagnino’s family members have reportedly already offered to host the crew.

So many questions: will Italian American relations be permanently damaged? How shocked will the cast be when they discover fair haired, blue eyed Italians? How depressed will the girls be once they observe the slim Italian guys who’ve replaced the “juice head gorillas” of the Shore? Why is this show such a guilty pleasure?

We’ll await answers in season four. To any Italian readers, our apologies on behalf of the US in advance. We’re sure one overly tan pop culture figure is plenty.

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