Jetsetter Kicks Off White Label Travel Deals With A Small World

Jetsetter, the luxury travel deal site owned by Gilt Groupe, is expanding their reach in the slowly expanding travel deal space through white label offers. Their first partnership is with A Small World, one of the oldest invitation only social networks online.

ASW Chairman Patrick Liotard-Vogt said “this new, curated travel service provides our members with access to luxury experiences at prices not available anywhere else.” {Huffington Post}

It’s a good fit for both, but ASW may be the biggest winner. Anecdotally speaking, when I travel ASW is one of the first sites I check for special events and recommendations on restaurants and things to do. After connecting with people in different cities though, things frequently move to other networks where updates are more frequent and it’s easier to keep in touch based on what reason there was for establishing the connection in the first place. People you might want to eat, drink or socialize with again get connected on Facebook. Those who you might want to do business with or keep in touch with professionally get connected on LinkedIn.

Connecting through ASW is still one of the best ways to get on the guest list for an in demand social event, or get a reliable recommendation of restaurants to try in Anguilla or the small Caribbean island of your choice, but simply put there’s not an everyday reason for most people to visit.

The benefit to Jetsetter is obviously that they get access at a lower cost to an established group of luxury loving travelers (about 320,000 of them per month, according to Google ad planner); but for ASW the deal of the day/week – scheduling isn’t clear yet – gives members a straightforward reason to visit more often. With Jetsetter already having the development and sales team down, for ASW the fact that this is essentially plug, play and profit can’t hurt either.

Depending on how well the partnership goes, and given the obvious similarities in audience, for ASW we wouldn’t be surprised if it may also mean a prospective buyer for an acquisition down the road.

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