MTV Takes the Jersey Shore Worldwide

Have you been pointing at your abs, asking your international friends to check out your “situation” and getting puzzled looks?

This week, they may understand. Or not.

MTV’s taking the Snooki, J-Woww and Situation show on the road and pushing it out to more than 30 countries this week, pushed up from an originally planned late spring/early summer roll out.

Antonio Campo Dall’Orto, Southern Europe manager of MTV International, says they couldn’t wait {New York Times} to introduce international viewers to “the lifestyle of the ‘Jersey Shore’ team — their habits, their attitudes.”

In Latin America, Gym, Tan, Laundry (the daily Jersey Shore mantra) will become gimnasio, bronceado, lavandería. And the Situation? Well, he’ll be the Situation in every language. Somehow we don’t think anything will get lost in translation.

The Jersey Shore crew has headed to an undisclosed location, widely thought to be Miami, for season 2 of the popular show. There’s still no word on whether the duck phone was able to join in on negotiations for a recurring role.

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