Top 10 Designer Hotels

In an attempt to establish a signature style that can encapsulate the everyday (and not so everyday) lives of men and women, fashion designers create a lot more than clothes these days. So it’s no surprise that, for the past decade, the epitome of a designer’s design aesthetic can be seen not on a runway, but in the private suite of a luxury hotel.

Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh, Scotland

Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh, Scotland

With many fashion designers getting in on the hotel craze, ShermansTravel decided to rank the best of the best - the 10 most fashionable and fabulous designer hotels.

Lagerfeld, Lacroix, Missoni, Lauren, Bulgari and Versace are just some of the big names who made the list by bringing their signature styles to hotels in Berlin, Paris, Edinburgh, Jamaica, Bali, and Australia. No matter the location, however, these are all hotels that are sure to create a truly one of a kind experience – where the hotel itself is just as much a draw as the destination.

Check out who made the list or view the photo gallery to drool over these glamorous vacation spots.

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