SUBS: Garters Meet Suspenders To Support Sagging Pants

Do you support sagging pants, but need a bit more, uhm, support? Well, if an old fashioned belt just won’t do, traditional suspenders don’t go with the style you’re going for and you can’t be bothered with buying pants that fit, there’s a new entrant in the suspender-esque accessory category designed to let you sag your pants without any embarrassing slip-ups.

Harlem entrepreneur Andrew Lewis has come up with Subs, a contraption that looks like the love child of a thin garter belt and dwarf suspenders. {Styleite}

Lewis, who also appears to be behind other strappy inventions like the Coat Tote (a shoulder strap with clips and loops to hold coats and umbrellas on the go) and Safe-Grip (a harness for motorcycle riders who want to give passengers something to grip on to while riding), is selling the device for $29.95 on his website.

While you’d be forgiven for wondering why someone who can’t keep their pants up wouldn’t just buy smaller pants, parents who’ve tried and failed with that approach see the value in the latest take on suspenders.

The New York Daily News spoke with Joanna Suddreth, a mother of two teenage boys, who said “I know what to get [them] for Christmas.”

Throw in a pair of shirt stays for the odd times the sagging pants wearer in your life decides to tuck things in and it looks like there’s finally a suspender for every occasion.

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