Lance Armstrong Tells Outside Magazine Photoshop is a BFD

Pressure to be just a bit skinnier for those skinny jeans, now a bit of photoshop on a magazine cover – guys really are starting to understand what women deal with for fashion.

Outside Magazine is more than a few plasticize and plump brushes away from any respectable Photoshop department at your average women’s magazine, but Lance Armstrong is not a fan of the retouching he received on their latest cover nonetheless.

See the blue t-shirt that reads”38. BFD.” (BFD is an acronym for Big F—ing Deal, 38 is Armstrong’s age)? Well, what you probably can’t see in the bottom left corner is a disclaimer that it’s not the actual shirt Armstrong wore for the shoot. The slogan was added after the actual photo.

Judging by his response to Outside Magazine’s question of if he’d seen the disclaimer, “Ask the legendary photog Danny Clinch what he thinks,” it seems that the acknowledgment isn’t enough to satisfy Armstrong.

While we can understand feeling taken for a ride (pardon the pun) when you see words that weren’t there when you sat for a photo, the disclaimer is at least more than most advertisements and women’s magazine covers come with. ELLE recently whittled Rhianna’s waist into oblivion, we all remember the alien praying mantis proportions someone at Ralph Lauren gave to already thin models, and magazines have fessed up to airbrushing super-thin models bigger to make them look healthier. Photoshop over manipulation is becoming a BFD, but is this really the worst of what we’ve seen?

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